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All That Jazz Salon & Spa - Opening for Business May 1, 2020.....COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

All That Jazz Salon & Spa

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We are very pleased to be opening back up for business as of Friday, May 1, 2020.

Below you will find our policies and procedures that both we will be taking as well as those we are asking our clients to do. Providing our clients with services while striving to keep both our clients as well as our staff safe.

To Schedule an appointment

Call 307-632-5299

Client Policies and Procedures:

*Please call for your appointment, no walk-ins are allowed.

*If you need to cancel an appointment and fail to do so you will be charged a $25 fee to reschedule your next appointment.

* If you need to purchase product at a time other than a service appointment please call the Salon for curbside service.

* When you arrive for your appointment please call our salon and check in. We will call you or come out to get you when we are ready for you

* You will be required to wear a mask.  Please bring one or one will be provided for you. Your stylist will be wearing one as well!!!

* If you are sick please reschedule

*If you have a cough, fever, runny nose, or sneezing, please reschedule

*If you have allergy type symptoms please reschedule.

* No children will be allowed unless they can be by themselves for their service.

* Our reception area is closed for now, there will be no waiting in the reception area.

* Bring something to read or do, we have discarded all magazines.

* Bring your own drinks, we will not be able to provide drinks at this time.

* When you are ready to check out your stylists will reschedule your appointment and get any retail products for you.

* As always a fresh cape will be used along with a new apron for your stylist. We will also be wearing gloves throughout the majority of your service.

Salon Policies and Procedures:

First and Foremost we are adhering to all state guidelines in order to provide safe services to our clients.

* We will sanitize between each client as well as sanitizing the restroom between each use.

* We are limiting the number of clients in the salon so please be patient as we strive to accommodate your appointment needs while keeping everyone safe.

* As always a fresh cape will be used along with a fresh apron for your stylist. Stylist will be wearing gloves throughout the majority of your service.

* In order to limit contact your stylist will also be scheduling your next appointment as well as helping you with any product purchases at the conclusion of your service.

From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you so much for your patience, loyalty and love for us! We have all of this for you too! AND we have missed you!

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