• Amanda Jagoditsh

Walk the aisle or attend that event in style!

1. Prep damp hair with a Thermique of choice then apply a plum size of Mousse Bouffante from roots to ends. Power dry hair then use a 1 ¼" iron.

2. Create a large triangular section in the front and circular section in the crown. With the circular section create braid and pin to the crown and secure. Gently backcomb remaining hair between the triangle and circle.

3. Spray a generous amount of V.I.P. through mid-lengths to ends and wrap all remaining hair around your thumb - tie a loose knot bun. Pin the knot on top of the braid.

4. Spray V.I.P. through roots to mid-lengths and finger lace to expand hair. Split the triangle into two sections encouraging a natural side part. Pin the ends to the knot bun but allow pieces to fall to maintain a soft, romantic feel. Finish style with a veil of Laque Dentelle.

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